Winter tricks

IMG_8755 copie♫ Henry Purcell - Cold Song

Winter is a season I’m not particularly fond of. I’m a chilly, girl and I hate the lack of light , that I think as I mentioned several time  in my posts ^^ But still, I try to find some good things in this season … There are the holidays of course, chimney fires, happy dinners with friends, lazy Sundays with a good cup of tea or hot chocolate. Yes, these are the small pleasures that help me forget the cold.

About clothing, what I like about winter and cold, are the big comforting coats we can wrap in to face the elements. These are usually not those which flatters the body, but how it’s pleasant to curl up in a very warm coat, so the cold air can not reach me ! The one I’m wearing in this post was given to me by my favorite aunt that I already told you about, you know the one that has exquisite taste in fashion. This makes it even more valuable to me and even more comforting in these harsh days of winter.

Accessories are also a big yes in winter. There are so many you can try ! I’ve found this little faux fur at  Monoprix, and it makes a very interesting alternative to the traditional scarf, while being very soft. And it is also the opportunity for me to show you a bag that you will see very often in my posts, the bag which I have long dreamed of and which seems perfect in every way ! So, nowt, I can quietly wait until the return of spring … What about you, do you have any tips to pass this time of year ?

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Coat: Etoile Isabel Marant
Fake fur  : Monoprix
Earrings : Asos
Boots : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag : Chloé “Paraty”

Chats en série

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Today, here’s a little fresh look to start the week. Right now I oscillate between two major trends: the all black nearly gothic outfit, or the kawai outfit full of pastel colors and of kittens! It seems that I’m a little fashion bipolar currently …

I guess I don’t need you to specify the category of today’s outfit ! This cute little sweater was given to me by my friend Laura for my birthday. It’s really adorable, don’t you think? And as if one cat wasn’t enough, I thought I would add this little cat bag found at Asos, the kingdom of everything cute. With a little black A line skirt and my boots, I am ready to face the Parisian gloom ! But I really long to see the sun coming back. Please spring, come back to us ! Well, well, I wish you a great monday ! xoxo

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Cat sweater : Yumi
Neopren skirt : Asos
Cat bag: Asos
Boots : Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bracelet : New Look

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